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Welcome to my wilderness photography journals. I’m Jeff McGraw a Seattle based photographer, explorer and producer. Photography has been my passion for many years. In this journal I take you on expeditions, explore photographic locations, cover photography techniques\tips, provide my perspective on a host of topics and talk about equipment. I may cover other topics from time to time but wilderness adventures and outdoor photography are the main topic. Yes I do assignment work, private lessons and run photography tours\workshops so you are welcome to contact me if you have inquiries on media and or want stories for print.

All of the images in my blog are my material unless specifically called out in the text.. please don’t poach them. If you want to use some of my material just contact me and can workout a reasonable arrangement. Likewise if you are interested in adding some fine art prints to your home or office drop by my website.

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Note: All of the images on this site are copyright protected by Jeff McGraw Photography and my firm Imagery of Nature L.L.C..


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Nature Photography Journals and Photographic Insights of Photographer Jeff McGraw

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