Tatoosh Inspirations

Jeff_McGraw_Photography_Tatoosh Illuminations I went out for a trek through a cool flowing mist early last fall for one of my shoots in the Tatoosh Range. Interesting morning to get out on the mountain and explore. You couldn’t see more than 15′ in any direction for most of the hike. Glad I know the trail systems by memory.   Above is one of the images I shot when got above the clouds.

Shadowy hemlock and black spruce silhouettes lined the trail adding to the magic of the landscape. Turned into a pretty stunning scene as the clouds broke open and I came to the top of Plumber Peak. It only opened for about an hour and then it was gone. Felt spiritual and almost gothic as clouds rolled in turning the scene back to monochrome. Started at 3:45 am with my headlamp and gear. Traversed from Pinnacle to Chutla.

The Tatoosh range is a set of peaks positioned due south of Mount Rainer above the highland meadows and denser lower forest. It provides territorial views of the mountain and is often partially covered by clouds. Most of the area is accessed via unmaintained trails and intermittent scrambles. But it’s an inviting place to backcountry travel if you like avoiding crowds. I guide photographers on shoots all over the state. Send me a mail if you’re interested in going out on a photo trip.
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