Inter-tidal Musing at Olympic National Park


Warm light falling on distant sea stacks hidden by a white layer of marine clouds. I had a fantastic solo camping trip along the Washington coast a few weeks back. What a great experience. Fell asleep to the sounds of the pacific while watching stars crowd the sky at night. I found this rock on one of my morning hikes. Loved the clouds rising on the rocks in the background and the patterns in the sand by the barnacled rock. So many beach heads to explore and estuaries full of wildlife! I timed it well… a couple weeks before the forest fires started to make our skies look musty and apocalyptic. Lol

Olympic National Park’s wilderness coast is such a treasure. The rocky headlands, beaches, tidepools nurturing a living rainbow of colors and textures, off shore sea stacks topped by nesting seabirds and wind-sheared trees-all are a remnant of a wilder America. No two miles of Olympic’s Pacific coastline
are the same. From beaches (that might be sandy, rocky, or boulder-strewn) to cliffs plunging into the sea.

The inter-tidal areas, where the Pacific Ocean tides shape life, are also within the boundary of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. The offshore islands with their colonies of nesting seabirds and rocky haul-outs for seals and sea lions, lie within the Washington Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Complex.