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Dawn breaking on Mount Baker.



I had an epic four day excursion up in the Mount Baker wilderness a few weeks back. This was the view from my campsite the first morning. What a sight after a fantastic evening trek the previous day. I spent the evening listening to a pair of owls calling to each other from a tree topped ridge above my campsite.. while the stars fell in the Perseid Meteor Shower. So peaceful. The moon lit up the later part of my hike in and set shortly after I pitched my camp. Just a magical PWN night. I saw one the best shooting stars I’ve ever seen. It made a golden streaked arc across the entire sky like it was skidding across ice on a frozen pond. I’ve had a grin on my face all month. Have a great weekend all!


Illuminations in the Subway at Zion NP

Happy Thursday Everybody!  Here’s another one from one of my recent excursions to the Southwest.  Subway_Keyhole_Glow_Jeff_McGraw_PhotographyWarm evening light filling the keyhole at the Subway in Zion National Park. At the base of the slot a cool stream fills a set of turquoise pools. The cavern rocks form a semi circular tube with a thin section splitting open the roof. It’s an interesting effect that allows cool ambient light to illuminate the passageway while a simultaneous warm glow radiates into the cave opening (appearing to the right). What a great area to get out and explore!

Abandoned Barn

Forgotten barn left out on the hills of the Palouse.  Dark clouds press overhead signaling a distant but oncoming storm. I really like the feel of lonely pastoral scenes. The semi haunting structures on open landscapes emit an impression of time standing still and feel like they have a hidden story behind them… opening a window into the past. I’ve found late Winter and early Spring in Eastern Washington to be perfect for exploring this area for scenes like this.. before the cloud belts have lifted and snow drifts are still on the ground. Happy Thursday EveryoneHuanted_Barn_Palouse_Soul

Wetland Heron Meeting

Great_Blue_Heron_Jeff_McGraw_PhotographyA great blue heron showing off some elegance while hunting among the reeds in warm morning light. What a handsome fella.  I really like their chest plumage and this one nearly has himself a lions mane.  Unlike raptors where the females are by far the larger sex males tip the scales and stretch the tape in the world of herons. This big fella was a real diva for attention and wasn’t disturbed by me in the least. He just checked me out, gave me a smile and went back to hunting.

Big Sweet Falls and the Mount Adams Wilderness



Deep mossy greens encase a silver fingered cascade along a woodland stream in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. I’m drenched from head to foot from climbing around in the lower steam wearing a huge shutterbug smile. Joined this year by our 10 month Newfoundland Pup ‘River’ who is already 100+ lbs. and appears to be part otter. Just a beauty of a place! The constant glacial melt pouring through our woodlands is ‘more or less’ the heartbeat of our lush forests. We spent several nights camped on the shores of Takhlakh Lake. Exploring waterfalls on the lower skirt of Mt. Adams during the day and watching the stars over the lake at night.