Kayaking Point of Arches



Kayaked out from  Hobuck Beach on the Makah reservation for several days of solo paddling on the Olympic coast in late June. Circled Cape Flattery and shot down to Shi Shi my first night for a evening to take in the sights at point of arches… and listen to the ocean wind and waves. The scene is the last flashes of light on the channeled rocks at the point with a cluster of dark sea stacks in the distance. The interesting geology a work of time, plate tectonics and ancient coastal glaciers meeting the edge of the pacific ocean.

What a fantastic and refreshing trip with fair winds for my outrigger w paddle and spinnaker. I met other explorers along the way… of several species. Lol.. Curious sea lions, singing oyster catchers, herons, osprey and some other sun soaked travelers with big smiles and DSLRs in hand. This stretch of coast is one of Washington states hidden gems.


Photography at the point is fantastic.   The sea stacks and glacial grooved rock formations at the end of Shi Shi beach present wonderful foreground and background elements.   The tides are constantly moving back and forth across the rocks and the skies off the coast create great atmospheric variance.  The results is a full pallet of components for creating great landscape images and for experiencing the coastal environment.    Take some time to explore the area if you go before your evening and morning shoots.


This trip is not for novice kayakers, period.   The journey is offshore and winds can pickup easily turning your trip into a very challenging experience unless you are prepared and physically fit.   Neither Shi Shi and Hobuck beaches have an area free of shore break so you have to surf the break to shore.   If you are skilled it’s a blast!  But be aware I was the only kayaker landing the beach… no one else tried it.    I did notice that the beach just beyond the point had little or no break with a South Easter so you may be able to land there if the main beach is to dicey just be careful of the rocks.   If in doubt just hike in.